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What is a DCP?

Digital Cinema Package

DCP (Digital Cinema Package) is the video format for the digital cinema projectors. It is the digital equivalent of a 35mm film print. It is what you send to a cinema to be able to show your spot on the big screen.


A DCP is always a folder with typically 6 files and optionally some more:

  • ASSETMAP: allows the cinema player to check if the files to be used for image/sound/subtitles haven't been altered
  • VOLINDEX: small XML file that always contains the same XML code
  • PackingList: (PKL_[something].xml or ___.pkl) defines which files belongs to this package
  • ContentPlayList: (CPL_[something].xml or ___.cpl) contains the references to the MXF files and when to use them
  • Audio: audio in 5.1 channel format, uncompressed, in an MXF file (there can be multiple ones, for different languages)
  • Video: video in JPEG2000 format, in an MXF file
  • Subtitles: subtitle files can be added in multiple languages