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DCP sources

These specifications are valid when Brightfish will receive a ready-made DCP .i.e. YOU make the DCP. This makes things easier for us, because we can be sure that your spot will be in the right format. We will still remaster each spot so that they follow the Belgian specifications (aspect ratio, DCP name, …), but we will not charge you any DCP production costs.


  • Frame rate: 24 fps (if you send a 25fps spot, we will convert it to 24 fps)
  • Image size 2D/3D: we accept the following formats

    • 1920 x 1080 – “HD” – aspect ratio 1:1.78
    • 1998 x 1080 – “Flat” – aspect ratio 1:1.85
    • 2048 x 1080 – “2K” – aspect ratio 1:1.90 – preferred


  • don't send us scope (2.39:1) spots
  • don't send us 4K spots
  • don't leave countdown leader in the DCP
  • don't leave black leader/trailer in the DCP



  • don't send us 7.1, 9.1, 12.1 audio
  • don't leave silence leader/trailer in the audio
  • don't send us audio with a significant difference in duration from the image (more than 2 frames)


  • only 1 version per folder (no FR/NL in same folder with shared audio or video)
  • only 1 audio MXF and 1 video MXF per DCP – no multiple reels for 1 spot
  • how to transfer files to Brightfish