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Technical Specifications

Who is this site for?

This site is for advertisers, advertising agencies and (post-) production agencies who run advertising campaigns in Belgian cinemas. This site only talks about the technical specifications of DCP production, not about the commercial aspects of cinema advertising. You should book your campaign via Brightfish.

Your campaign

Your campaign is projected on cinema screens in the DCP video format. All DCPs are created or remastered by Brightfish. For this, you need to send us the source material of the spot. These are the options:

1. Brightfish makes the DCP


This is the case for 90% of our campaigns, so this is probably the one you need

You should send us the spot(s) required in one of the following formats:

  • a video file (MP4/MOV) with image and (stereo) sound together
  • a video file and a separate (5.1) audio file
  • a sequence of image (TIFF/DPX) files and a separate audio file
  • HD-MAT format (HD video and stereo sound, sent via the DMAT network)

Here are more details on the accepted audio and image formats.

2. The Advertiser delivers the DCP

The DCP has already been created by you or your post-production studio. We will use that DCP, we will just remaster it without changing audio or image, to ensure correct naming and formats.

Make sure your DCP use the correct format.